About vBulletin and vBulletin5

VBulletin is a forum building software that helps in creation of efficient forum-based websites on the Internet. It’s written in PHP programming language and employs a MySQL database server in the backend. Ever since its release in the year 2000, vBulletin has undergone various enhancements like the introduction of the CMS (Content Management System), which enables the users to write and publish articles on the forums, turning vBulletin websites into useful web 2.0 communities, and more. Considered one of the best forum software available on the Internet today, vBulletin is extensively used by a large number of small, medium and large enterprises.

VBulletin 5 is one of the recent vBulletin versions. It has been designed specifically for providing all those effective features that can contribute to the creation of modern community platforms on the internet, in the easiest way possible. Let’s go over some of the main features of vBulletin 5:

MVC architecture
The software introduces a new-age MVC architecture that has been designed for separation of the presentation and business logics, in a manner far more comprehensive than its earlier versions. It enables the vBulletin 5 to get easily and quickly extended, as new features keep getting added to it.

Website builder
The most popular of the many innovative features of vBulletin 5 is its site builder. The site builder provides a novel way of creation and management of websites. One of its characteristics is the drag-and-drop facility that enables users to create custom pages in the easiest and quickest manner possible. Site builder also features a style generator which can be instrumental in swift creation of new styles, featuring custom color combinations.

Expanded API
The vBulletin API has been further expanded in version 5. Not only has it become possible for the mobile apps to take maximum advantage of APIs, the web interfaces use the APIs for their own reasons too. The end result is a more structured design and the ability of coding everything in one go regardless of how the code is accessed.

It’s all about the content
VBulletin 5 focuses heavily on the content creation aspect of the websites. The comprehensive content model of vBulletin 5 involves nodes, channels and the content itself. Every aspect works in the same way and everything is searchable. All in all, the users are provided with the most modern input system. There’s plenty of focus on new content addition in different intuitive ways.

Responsive web design
No one uses just the desktop computers or laptops for accessing the Internet these days. People are using all sorts of devices like smart phones, tablet PCs, high-density monitors and more for visiting their favorite websites. VBulletin 5 features a responsive web design which scales all the content and display based on the device that is being used. No longer do the administrators need to worry about the testing of mobile styles, and the need for configuring things for multiple devices. vBulletin 5 makes automatic adjustments to the screen size depending on the users’ devices.

New search capabilities
Vbulletin 5’s search engine architecture has also undergone major overhauling for making all the content easily searchable. It has been rewritten from the root, ensuring that the users are provided with the most relevant and accurate results whenever they search for anything on the forum.