Tennis betting dissected and explained!

Popular Tennis Betting Options

Although you can bet on tennis in several different ways, we suggest that you stick to the easiest and most popular options to begin with.
While the most popular tennis betting options are proposition bets, set bets and outright winners, if you’re someone who loves the adrenaline-rush or would like to bring in a good amount of excitement into your tennis betting ventures, you can even try the tennis futures and parlay bets.
On the whole, you must remember that every tennis bet doesn’t necessarily have to be a pre-match bet. There are many online/off-line bookmakers that’ll allow you to indulge in in-play and live betting too, helping you build ample excitement as you watch the tennis action live on a TV screen.

Let’s go over some of the popular tennis betting options you can indulge in:

Match betting
Money line or match betting is by far the simplest and most intuitive type of tennis betting. All you need to do is simply predict the winner of the match. Majority of bookmakers set odds for these type of bets using £ 100 as the basis. The money line is marked using a minus sign, implying that you’ll need to risk a bigger amount that you’ll actually be able to win from your bet.
On the other hand, a money line related to an underdog is marked using a plus sign, implying that your potential returns from the wager would be higher than the amount you bet. Here’s a normal example of the money line bets:
Novak Djokovic -150
Andy Murray +120
In this bet, Novak is the clear favourite going into the match. The odds imply that you’ll receive a £ 100 profit for every £ 150 that you bet on Novak winning the match (and he does win the match). On the other hand, betting £ 100 on Andy Murray winning the match would earn you a profit of £ 120 (if he does beat Novak).

Futures betting
These bets are mostly about predicting the winners of the big tennis competitions even before the start of those events. Although these are fairly long-term bets, their odds are better compared to the set bets, match bets and sometimes even the simple accumulators.
Majority of bookmakers post the WTA and ATP odds around a week ahead of the start of the tennis tournaments. However, in case of Grand Slams the lines are posted several months ahead of their scheduled starts.

Parlay betting
Also commonly referred to as accumulators, parlay bets are essentially combination bets allowing you to include the match bets and set bets into one single bet. The payout for these bets is comparatively higher than the regular separate bets. However, there’s a catch: the entire parlay bet is lost if you lose out even on a single selection in the bet.
Hence, parlays are inherently risky and must be avoided if you’re new to tennis betting or betting overall. On the other hand, you can find seasoned bettors who benefit tremendously by parlaying sure bets, enabling them to maximise their returns without any drastic hikes in the variance.

Proposition betting
Also referred to with their short form – props, these are mostly gaming bets that cover anything and everything that’s tennis related and isn’t normally covered by the popular bet types. For instance, you can bet on the possibility of a break, the first set score or whether a certain players would be ranked higher than his/her rival in a certain tennis event.

Set betting
This type of tennis betting isn’t very different compared to the correct score bets placed on soccer games, meaning that these are slightly risky in nature. In case of set bets, you’re required to actually predict the exact result of the tennis match. The bet is lost even if you make one small mistake.
As expected, the odds for such type of wagers are usually higher than the regular bets. Hence, set betting is the way to go if you’re someone who’s looking for some high-risk / high-reward action! However, keep in mind that winning such set bets isn’t only about luck. Many seasoned tennis bettors have actually made such bets a steady source of income for themselves.