Tennis betting dissected and explained!

About Live Tennis Betting

Many punters believe that while some tennis matches have a very poor odds at the pre-match stages, their values increase considerably during the actual play time, especially if either of the player breaks his/her opponent’s serve or starts performing unexpectedly.

Live in-play tennis betting is usually a faster version of regular tennis betting and many times bettors don’t refrain from going all in when placing such wagers. Unlike as in case of flat betting wherein the bets stay fixed, live in-play bets can be compared to the stock market gambling. Both kinds keep you constantly on the edge!

The odds change dramatically and the totals and handicaps also change rapidly after every game point. Everything happens so quickly that if you’re a rookie tennis bettor, you can lose all your money in one go.

On the other hand, seasoned in-play bettors know how to book excellent profits at every point of the match.

Hence, simply put, live bets can be both bankrupting as well as profitable depending on the bettor and his/her exact strategy.

At core, live in-play tennis betting also has a lot in common with flat betting - you look out for the events having high values. However, in live tennis betting, even if you locate such value, you must wait until the right time to bank on it.

Let’s talk about some live tennis betting strategies that can help you maximize your betting profits.

Betting against the exhausted players
By far the most reliable, moneymaking and simplest tennis betting strategy, it involves finding an exhausted player in a match, who had recently won his/her long lasting match, perhaps a five setter.
Now when the money line is assigned to such match, you notice that it isn’t one of your high potential matches. However, if your research tells that this player indeed has the potential of going all the way, you can bank on it handsomely, especially when apparently things aren’t going in his/her favour.

Live insurance betting in tennis
Without going into too many details of this live betting strategy, we’d like to mention that it’s a strategy that ensures your profit regardless of the circumstances.
Let’s say Rafael Nadal is playing Novak Djokovic in the Rome Masters, and you’ve bet £ 100 on Djokovic winning the match. The pre-match odds are 1.75 and there’s a -2.5 handicap on Djoker.
Although Novak wins the first set 7-5, it seems like a difficult match and it’s unclear if he’ll really be able to cover the handicap or not.
On the other hand, you notice that Rafael Nadal’s odds have risen to 2.9, with a +2.5 handicap. It’s the ideal situation for placing bets on opposite outcomes and booking guaranteed profit.
You wager £ 60 on Rafa (with maximum possible profit of £ 75) with +2.5 handicap. In case Rafa manages to save this handicap, you’ll win £ 14, if he doesn’t, you’ll win £ 15. That’s how live insurance bets work in tennis.

Live bets on favourites who lose in the beginning
This type of live tennis betting strategy involves betting on favourites who show signs of losing in the initial stages of the match. An excellent example can be seen in one of the Murray and Rafa matches. Nadal was favourite going into the match and had pre-match odds of 1.14. However, he lost the first set 6 – 1, and his odds increased to 1.98.
Many punters placed live bets on Rafael Nadal at that point of time and the Spaniard eventually got the better of the British player.

Final thoughts
Above three are the most commonly used live tennis betting strategies by the tennis bettors throughout the world. You can possibly increase your monthly bankroll by as much as 20% by skilfully placing such live bets on tennis games.