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Thread: One more! Garage info in profile

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    Default One more! Garage info in profile

    Very odd you can click on the %1$s and it give you s drop down of all the cars in the users garage..

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    Default Re: One more! Garage info in profile

    Yeah, I used a user profile field to hold the postbit info and didn't realize the admin would see it in the about me page even if it's hidden. Not sure why it's showing the %1$. It's like it can't find the right language.

    We can manually tweak it for now if you want to use the postbit.

    In the ACP
    ACP -> Language & Phrases -> Language Manager
    Whatever your default language is, on the dropdown select Edit Settings.
    That will give you the language id, like the default language has an id of 1.

    Now open admincp/garage_manage.php

    PHP Code:
    $cache_phrase_query $vbulletin->db->query_read("SELECT varname, text FROM " TABLE_PREFIX "phrase WHERE product = 'cnd_garage' && languageid = '0'"); 
    at the end, where it has languageid = '0' replace the 0 with whatever your languageid is. So if it's 1 you'll end up with

    PHP Code:
    $cache_phrase_query $vbulletin->db->query_read("SELECT varname, text FROM " TABLE_PREFIX "phrase WHERE product = 'cnd_garage' && languageid = '1'"); 
    After that rebuild the postbit and see if it fixes the broken link title.

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