VB Pro Garage

What is VB Pro Garage?

Formerly known as CND Garage or CND Timeslips, VB Pro Garage Timeslips is a timeslips and vehicle add-on meant for the vBulletin forum creation software. VB Pro Garage is an advanced system that easily integrates with the vBulletin forum system.

This add-on serves as an excellent method for allowing the forum members to showcase their rides, irrespective of what they drive, whether it is cars, trucks, motorcycles or even RTVs! The users can easily create and maintain their vehicle garages. And their garages may not just include different fields for distinguishing between their vehicles, but also options for addition of dyno charts, timeslips, modifications and more!

The site administrators are provided with plenty of options for customizing the way the garages get displayed and the number of timeslips, images and vehicles that the users can enter. The process of user vehicle creation happens via a simple screen consisting of basic text fields and drop downs. The users are allowed to enter either the number of kilometers or miles into the system and the software automatically calculates the differences for the purpose of front page statistics.

Please note that VB Pro Garage doesn’t require any major vBulletin file modifications. All that is needed is one modification in the template, and the users can enjoy a whole lot of fun and useful tools!

VB Pro Garage Features

Main features
– Presentation of Lytebox images.
– No need of any modifications to the VB template.
– The facility of on-the-fly watermarking for the text and images, in order to ensure that the images stay tied to the website.
Ajax driven menus for the administrators who have extremely large lists of vehicle models or vehicle makes, thus keeping the load time significantly down.
– Phrasing of 99.9% of the text in order to ensure its easy translation for the multinational websites.
– Facility of user group level permissions in order to limit the number of timeslips, images and vehicles that can be added.
– Generation of htaccess SEO friendly URLs.
– Easy creation of forum threads: Automatic creation of new forum threads (of the user/administrator’s choice) consisting of the text matter chosen by user/administrator, whenever new vehicles or cars are added to the garage.
– Page caching facility: The provision for physical HTML files that significantly bring down the number of SQL queries.
– Provision for front categories: The administrators get to use the category system as an effective alternative to the front page of the conventional block layout. This feature can potentially increase the search engine ranking of the vehicle garages when used along with dynamic meta-tags and SEO optimized URLs.
– Provision for multiple vehicles or timpeslips per user.
– Back-end database running on MySQL.
– Easy attachment of button images to the style, making it possible for each style to have its own images.
– The user’s vehicles get displayed effectively in their profiles.
– Easy import of data from phpbbgarage as well as vbgarage.
– Easily resizable images in 3 different sizes. You get a link on Lytebox for opening large images.
– Automatic cron for the vehicle of the day
– The garages can be run even outside the forum directory.

Some administrator-specific features
– Quick and easy installation of VB Pro Garage as an effective vBulletin product.
– Easy setting of the image and vehicle quota.
– More than hundred different options in the Administration Control Panel of VB Pro Garage make it a highly configurable product.
– Easy switch on / switch off of the modules.
– Administrators can easily make changes to 99.9% of the text.
– They can also easily switch on / switch off the approvals for majority of modules.

Some user-specific features
– Provision for garage service records
– ¼ Mile images and statistics
– Lap time images and statistics
– Dyno run images and statistics
– Easily available images and modifications
– Provision for insurance premiums

VB Pro Garage Installation

All the tips and instructions related to the installation of VB Pro Garage come included in the CHM file of the software. Let’s go over its quick and dirty installation:
– First upload all the files into the upload folder
– Then import the vb_pro_garage.xml file into the product manager
– Follow up that step by import of vb_pro_garage_language_english.xml file into the Languages & Phrases
– Anyone who wishes to include all the different makes and models that developers have collected over a period of time, can import the
vb_pro_garage_vehicles^^new_install_only.xml file into the Product manager.

The post installation process
There is no need of looking for the post installation details in the VB Pro Garage instructions. Once you’re done with the installation, you can access to button located at the top of the navigation bar. This button is accessible only to the administrators by default. The provision for this button is for enabling the configuration and testing of VB Pro Garage without the need of closing the garage. When you’re ready for its deployment on the community, enable it with the following option:
ACP > Settings > Option > Garage General Settings > Set the Garage Menu Button to enabled

Please keep in mind that the VB Pro Garage add-on has been developed on the 4.0.7 version of vBulletin and has been tested back for backward compatibility till the 4.0.0 version. You’ll require PHP 5.X+ compiled with MySQL 5.X+ and GD/GD2 for running this add-on.

Furthermore, there are additional options available for the garages in the commercial version of the VB Pro Garage add-on, such as the addition of featured businesses which support the website, dyno charts (as also mentioned earlier) modifications, fuel tracking and lots more.

There’s a chance that administrators or users might run into a few bugs while running the add-on. Rather than spending endless hours on their correction from inside of files, trying to get an altogether new package running, it’d be better that they intimate the developers about the issues. This way solutions can be included in the updated versions of the product.

Change Log

Following is a detailed change log of VB Pro Garage up until the version 3.0.9.

V3.0.9 – September 29, 2012
– Fixed the model or make count on the front page by resetting it to 1
– Addition of navigation manager links to the product XML
– Fixed the postbit drop down which was showing the character code
– Fixed the SQL error related to the image comments
– Replaced the depreciated split function usage
– Fixed the problem related to SQL injection
– Fixed the extra unlabeled field on the vehicle edit or vehicle create options (only in the Timeslips)
– Fixed the incorrectly set tables that were set with TYPE rather than ENGINE

V3.0.8 – September 12, 2010
– Fixed the missing vehicle common code

V3.0.7 – January 12, 2010
– Fixed the error with the non-existing garage_special_track table

V3.0.6 – November 21, 2010
– Fixed the colors of the map infowindow
– Fixed the error related to who’s online

V3.0.5 – November 15, 2010
– Fixed the error on the vehicle map with apostrophes in the title
– Fixed the URL path of the member tab
– Fixed the error related to member profile vehicle block

V3.0.4a – November 12, 2010
– Corrected the package related error

V3.0.4 – November 11, 2010
– Fixed style error related to changes in vB4.0.8
– Fixed error related to front blocks

V3.0.3 – November 2, 2010
– Fixed the postbit error related to vehicles that had an apostrophe in their names
– Fixed the geocode error on the missing ZIPs
– Fixed the image size in the vehicle view slideshow
– Fixed all the duplicate countries
– Fixed the username browsing error

V3.0.2 – October 25, 2010
– Added the image comments
– Made the addition of SEO friendly URLs
– Made the addition of notification schedule task for sending messages to the new users about addition of garage entries
– Fixed the missing ad vehicle button on the member profile
– Added the default clear image for the watermark
– Moved the vehicle count to the db table for easing the db queries
– Added the bbcode capabilities to the welcome box situated on the garage front page
– Fixed the error related to search username
– Added ZIP Codes to the Google map and vehicle
– Added the ability of disabling or hiding the info for Google map
– Added a function for replacement of non-English characters with the English ones in the Ajax selection lists
– Added the page caching capabilities
– Made updations to the obsolete data queries
– Fixed the code for disregarding the watermark option in the event that the image is missing
– Fixed the SQL error related to movement of vehicle color and class to a new selection upon deletion in the administration control panel
– Added the option for addition of page title
– Added notifications related to the vehicle and image comments